Monthly Archives: July 2012

Gambia, Gunjur

I have arrived to Gunjur, Gambia, on the 5th of July. Gambia is continental Afrika’s smallest, and one of the most poorest country.
Gunjur has around eleven thousand residents ( but I don’t really think so that anyone ever counted them). No electricity, no water nor other public utilities, however they have
proper GSM network and internet as well. So I only can document the happenings sporadically.
I came here as a volunteer. The plan was that I would have had to design some furniture for the local elementary school and I should have built up a ceramics studio.
But soon it became obvious that they have furniture and because of many reasons, they would not go any further with my layouts.
But they need the studio desperately.
With the photos above, I am attempting to showcase the process precisely. I hope it works!