April, 2010 | László Németh ceramist

I got an invitation to a sodafiring workshop to the La Meridiana International Ceramic Art School, Certaldo, Italy, which is directed by Pietro Elia Madalena.
We studied the possibilities of this technic with probation firings as a group with people from different countries.
I was there from 16th to 24th of April.
Participants: Markus Boehm (Germany), Monika Dabrowska Picewicz (Poland), Miroslava (mirka) Golden-Hann ( Czech Republic, lives in England), Mateusz Grobelny (Poland), Janne Hieck (Germany, lives in Denmark), Lena Juvoven (Finland), Coll Minog (Ireland), Miroslava Randová (Czech Republic), Ursula Tramski ( Germany, lives in Ireland).
More information can be found at the event’s blog!

Remarks| April 24, 2010 19:29

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